The following list represents seminars and classes that have been developed and are delivered by TWOB personnel. Each of these courses have proven to benefit attendees from all levels and types of professions. Contact Carl at 509-994-6478 or for further details to setup your seminar.

Business God’s Way
8 hour seminar ($95)

This seminar represents a comprehensive study that will improve your business and your finances. Learn what God says about operating a business and handling money. Business God’s Way is for everyone in business—the CEO or manager of a department, small business or large, prosperous or struggling, whether the business is a start up or well established. Provided is a hardbound workbook and lunch.

The Way of Money
2 hour seminar ($Donation)

This two hour seminar teaches the proven concepts of successful personal financial management. You will learn how to develop and live within a budget, get out of debt, and concepts of effective investments and financial planning.

What Causes People to Tick-And-Stick
4 hour seminar ($Donation)

Come to learn of the four social styles of behavior that make up our society. Each of these social styles determines how people desire to work and relate to others. Attendees learn what their own social style is along with being able to identify the social style of others for the sake of effective relationship building.

Quality Telephone Skills
4 hour seminar ($Donation)

Participants learn proper phone etiquette skills leading to more efficient use of time and improving sales and customer loyalty. The four components making up every phone call are the opening, seeking and supplying information, extending yourself and concluding. Each is explored, taught and practiced, creating the means of immediate implementation on the job.

Implementing a Customer Service Strategy
3 hour seminar ($Donation)

Customer service has proven to be the most effective form of promoting products, services and companies. Come to learn the science of customer service and develop an implementation schedule for your own organization.

The Five Words of Worth
2 hour seminar ($Donation)

A study recently completed indicates that there are five words, each representing a measurable concept, that cause people to evaluate your worth to them in terms of personal and business relationships. The five words are reviewed in depth and how to assess your effectiveness in following their rules.

Relationship Management Skills
4 hour seminar ($Donation)

This seminar introduces the desires held by all employees from their company, supervisor, and co-workers. Come to learn what those needs are and how they can be best met through use of management tools that will be taught and practiced through workshops. We are all in the people business and use of these practices earns success.

Advanced Selling Skills
8 hour seminar ($Donation)

Come to learn the five step buying cycle used by all customers in making purchases and developing supplier loyalty. Within this study there will be the provision of selling concepts that will help sales people know where they are within the cycle and what steps to take to advance the buying decision. Much of the work completed within this course is the provision of workshops to practice such skills.